Why Electric Bikes Are Great (And Why They’re Not)

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Thinking about investing in an e-bike? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s so good about ‘em?

Electric bikes encourage non-cyclists to start cycling. As electric bikes take some of the pressure off pedalling so the whole process is easier and less exhausting, the bikes can help new, less fit riders ease into cycling. They can also encourage the rider to cycle for a longer period of time so they actually get more exercise because the safety net of assisted peddling is there if necessary.

Electric bikes take the edge off hills. If you want to cycle somewhere but you don’t want to tackle a huge hill, the electric bike can take some of the pressure off the uphill ride so it’s less daunting and exhausting.

Riding an electric bike as opposed to a normal bike during the morning commute still lets you enjoy the fresh air but won’t make you all sweaty and exhausted. You can even turn your regular bike into an e-bike. Find the best electric bike conversion kits here.

With an electric bike, you get to choose how much effort you put in. Some people say e-bikes are cheating, but you still have to pedal and if you want you can avoid using any assistance at all.

They’re easy to charge. If you have a plug and an outlet, you can charge the bike.

Electric bikes encourage you to get back in touch with nature, discover cycling trails near your home and spend more time in the fresh air.

They’re also a lot cheaper than cars, plus they’re better for the environment.

You could even convert your regular bike into an e-bike by using an e-bike conversion kit found here.

What’s bad about ‘em

They can run out. Electric bikes can run for over 30 miles on a single charge, but if they run out and you’re too tired to pedal normally you may be a bit stuck.

E-bikes are fairly light, but they’re still bulkier and heavier than regular bikes.

They’re not great for long journeys. E-bikes are good for short commutes, but if you want to spend the day cycling you may end up with a dead battery.

E-bikes have more components, so there’s a higher risk that something will break.

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