Increasing Blood Flow For a Better You 

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Blood is constantly circulating through our blood vessels as it brings nutrients and oxygens to our organs and cells.  Blood circulation makes our cells grow properly, it helps keep the vital organs healthy, it keeps the skin healthy, it helps reduce the heart rate, and it moves waste away from the organs. Healthy blood flow is essential for maintaining good health, in fact we simply could not survive without it.

So how can you increase your blood flow? There are loads of ways to increase blood flow.


One way is by increasing aerobic activity, like jogging, swimming or walking. Regular exercise gets your blood pumping and improves oxygen levels in your blood, so it’s recommended that you try regularly exercising 3 days a week. Exercise doesn’t have to involve sweaty gym sessions or intense weight lifting – start out small by walking part of the way home or join a fitness class.

Sitting around for long periods of time isn’t great for your blood flow, so if you spend your days sitting in front of a computer try a few simple stretches to improve circulation and increase flexibility/help ward off back pain. Trying to stand up straight and then slowly drop your head and roll down your spine until you’re hanging over your toes and then bounce with your feet on the ground to loosen up and get that blood pumping.

Massage is another good way to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension/clear out excess toxins at the same time. Professional masseuses are your best bet, but if that’s not an option try asking a friend or family member or failing that have a go at massaging yourself!

Taking a hot bath is a good (if temporary) way of increasing blood flow because it expands your veins and arteries which makes way for more blood to pump around your body.


Eating a healthy diet is a great way of maintaining healthy blood circulation and keeping yourself healthy and happy at the same time. Processed foods that are high in fat can clog your arteries so it’s a good idea to eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, good fats (like nuts, seeds and avocado) and lean meats.

Did you know that spicy foods are good for blood circulation? It’s because they contain capsaicin which increases blood flow. If you’re a fan of hot food use this as an excuse to add extra chili!

Lastly, remember to drink lots of water. Dehydration can reduce blood flow, so try and drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

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